Dalynne Adams

Founder of Foksee

When I hit 40, I realized that there was a big gap in the areas of fashion and makeup for mature-aged women. Things were either too “cutsie” or way too matronly with not much to offer in between.

That is why I decided to create Foksee. It’s a venture for not only me, but all women who are hoping for more than crop tops and high-waisted pants. Women who still want hip, feminine, sophisticated, and classy clothing and products but don’t necessarily have the time to look for them.

Here’s how this website works…I will do all the leg work in finding trendy, stylish, and age-appropriate products in the areas of fashion, makeup, skincare, haircare, and decor and provide an easy route to buy them. I will also provide information, inspiration, tips, tricks, and techniques in these same areas via videos, vlogs and blogs.

All YOU need to do is visit my website and browse my looks. There will be various looks and they will change with the seasons, so make sure you check back often.

What Is Foksee?

Foksee is a place for Gen Xers and beyond who want to find fresh, fashionable clothing and other lifestyle products that keep them feeling confident, feminine and polished.